Garbage collector stopping my world for half a second

Martin Egholm Nielsen
Thu Dec 1 14:32:00 GMT 2005

Hi there,

I'm not quite sure if I should take this question to the boehmgc list or 
to post it here.

But here I go:
I've been seeing some unfortunate (In my world) GC timings suddenly 
halting my application:

--- 8< 8< 8< ---
Initiating full world-stop collection 8 after 3861860 allocd bytes
--> Marking for collection 8 after 3861860 allocd bytes + 235140 wasted 
Collection 7 finished ---> heapsize = 8736768 bytes
World-stopped marking took 390 msecs

Complete collection took 420 msecs
--- 8< 8< 8< ---

The problem is that I have external hardware connected that "need" being 
"triggered" from my application with more precision than ~400 ms. - more 
likely ~100 would be good.

However, I've seen with a smaller test-example that the GC is capable of 
having stop-timings on my platform of ~60 ms.

Therefore, I ask: Is there some super GC parameters that can be tuned to 
bring this world stopping down to a smaller value?

Best regards,
  Martin Egholm

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