Obfuscation - optimisation?

Martin Egholm Nielsen martin@egholm-nielsen.dk
Fri Nov 26 11:30:00 GMT 2004

> I should learn to try something before opening my mouth.  I had always
> been told Obfuscation only had a small side benefit in code size
> reduction.  However,  I tried it on a 192kb applet I wrote, and just
> the obfuscation step reduced the jar file to 162kb.

> However, one thing still puzzles me.   What does this have to do with
> gcj?  While I am certain an optimization flag could be added and code
> from something like proguard could be merged, it seems to me the more
> important thing right now is just a fully stable compiler and API
> classes.  Obfuscation can always run as a separate step, regardless of
> what java compiler is used.
The intention of this thread had nothing to do with getting obfuscation 
into gcj as a new feature. It was ment as a question to the current 
versions, that's all...

// Martin

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