Mod-GCJ project at sourceforge

Hannes Wallnoefer
Sat Mar 20 09:08:00 GMT 2004

As announced a few days ago, I started a project at sourceforge to 
create an Apache module for running GCJ-compiled Java inside the web 
server. The site is now up and has some early code as well as a summary 
of things I found out so far.

Basically, I spent most of the time trying to work around the fact that 
libgcj quits when a library of compiled Java is loaded more than once, 
which seems pretty unavoidable when working with Apache. I'm getting 
Errors thrown from _Jv_RegisterClassHookDefault all the time. Is there a 
chance of this getting fixed in the near future? Otherwise, hints on how 
to work around this would be helpful.

If this can be solved I'm pretty upbeat about the possibilities of 
Apache + GCJ.


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