cni-changes documented?

Adam Megacz
Fri Mar 19 15:44:00 GMT 2004

Andrew Haley <> writes:
> I think so.  I exepct the only issue will be ABIs that pass single
> member structs in a different way from scalars.

How hard would it be to change GCC's internal representation of a
pointer to a pointer-to-a-pointer (handle)?  Could this be done as a
thin layer over the backend (ie a "filter" over the code generator)?

Obviously this would carry a heavy performance penalty, but it would
be a quick-and-easy way to get precise GC with a copying collector in
the eden generation.  It would probably also be a great "midway point"
towards adding such functionality to Hans' collector in the general
(non-handle) case.  All the algorithms could be tested in an
environment where there is no ambiguity about what/where to scan; once
that code is stable and tested, more complex scanning can be attempted
without having to worry about the correctness of the compacting

  - a

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