New NIO code needs refactoring

Ranjit Mathew
Wed Mar 17 13:02:00 GMT 2004

Michael Koch wrote:
> Also Ranjit solved this issue by a bad hack (it was never accepted) some 
> time ago.
> (sorry, I cant find the original mail from Ranjit in the webinterface 
> anymore)

Michael is talking about PR java/9685

(still busted on mainline, BTW)

And the patch that he's talking of is a slightly
updated version of:

The major impediment to accepting any form
of this patch was that the current stack tracing
mechanism needs to be reworked a bit to resolve
this - Bryce was last heard working on it.

Only when all traces of illegal accesses in libgcj
are removed can this patch be considered for
inclusion as bootstrap will otherwise break.


PS: Note that the patch doesn't resolve all variants
of the problem as noted in the message linked to.

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