[java-gnome-hackers] CNI vs JNI

Jeffrey Morgan Jeffrey.Morgan@BristolWest.com
Fri Mar 12 13:20:00 GMT 2004

First of all let me thank everybody for their input on this
topic.  We should get together more often and talk like this 8-)

Let me start this email by clarifying the goals of the java-gnome
project.  Our projects directive is to provide a language binding
for the GNOME desktop environment.  I, for one, believe that GNOME
usage will continue to increase and over time it will be a highly
desirable target for new applications.  Developers that wish to
target this environment should have many language choices and 
java-gnome will ensure there is a java choice.  We already provide
bindings for glib, pango, atk, gdk, gtk, libglade, ligbnome,
libgnomeui, gconf, gtkhtml and limited support for vte.  We will
continue to integrate even further with the GNOME Desktop environment
by providing future support for gnome-vfs, gnome-print, bonobo,
gnome applets, etc.

This does mean that java-gnome is not the correct choice for many
application developers.  I am sorry.  I cannot be everything to
everybody.  Yes, you can use our gtk and glade bindings and develop
an application that should run on Windows, OS X, etc.  These applications
will not be much different than swing (and swt) applications on these 
platforms.  They will not integrate seamlessly into the environment 
and will look (possibly behave) differently than applications written
in C/C++.

I like the idea of supporting both JNI and CNI.  The java-gnome development
team knows that I have prototyped several variations of a small
example application that does just this.  We will need to discuss this
topic to determine if we will be able to fit it into one of our short
release schedules.  I guess I should make a pitch here for help from
others in the community.  If you are interested in helping with this
then please let us know.


> based on the responses to my email to various jvm mailing lists, it
> seems that dropping jni would be a really bad idea - I guess my vote
> must go for keeping jni. Jeff - I'd be interested to hear 
> your views on
> the message about generating jni/cni sources where jni is used within
> the functions for both approaches. 
> On Fri, Mar 12, 2004 at 04:49:54PM +0500, Jehanzeb Pathan wrote:
> > Will using JNI allow me as a Java programmer to make a jar 
> package of my 
> > code as usual and then provide j-g_win32.jar, j-g_rh9.jar, 
> j-g_bsd.jar etc. 
> Your app will be a single jar file. Hopefully linux distributions will
> include java-gnome so you won't have to.
> You will be able to point to a download location for java-gnome too.
> This is a little more than a single jar file - it needs some native
> libraries too.
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