[kaffe] Java-Gnome: jni or cni

Per Bothner per@bothner.com
Fri Mar 12 00:24:00 GMT 2004

Chris Gray wrote:

> On Thursday 11 March 2004 18:44, Mark Howard wrote:
>>The big question is: should we switch to CNI?
> No.

Though I'm obviously in the CNI "camp", I tend to agree.

But I think the folloup-question is: should java-gnome
switch from JNI-only implementation to some kind of dual
JNI-or-CNI mechanism.  I.e. explore ways to reduce the
overhead of JNI when CNI is avaliable.  I suggested one
approach in my previous email (which may be waiting for
moderator approval on the kaffe and java-gnome lists).
	--Per Bothner
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