libgcj and the NPTL posix threads implementation

Jeff Sturm
Mon Mar 1 21:09:00 GMT 2004

On Sun, 29 Feb 2004, Anthony Green wrote:
> + inline _Jv_ThreadId_t
> + _Jv_ThreadSelf (void)
> + {
> +   size_t id;
> +   asm ("mov %%gs:0x8, %0" : "=r"(id));
> +   return id;
> + }

I'm curious what the special significance of offset 0x8 might be.  As I
understand TLS on glibc, "move %gs:0, %eax" would place the thread pointer
in %eax, which is sufficient for these purposes as a pointer to an opaque
per-thread structure.

Equivalently, you could do:

static __thread _Jv_ThreadId_t me;
  return me;

and set the variable during thread creation.  It is more portable, and
should work anywhere TLS is available.  But your version is more efficient
within a DSO.


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