java.util.logging.Logger problem.

Andrew Haley
Wed Dec 8 17:09:00 GMT 2004

Tom Tromey writes:
 > >>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Hallgren <> writes:
 > Thomas> I attached a very simple testcase that reproduces the error. It's
 > Thomas> complete with a makefile and all. Just type make, then run the
 > Thomas> resulting executeable gcjtest.
 > Could you file this in bugzilla (including the test case)?
 > Reports to the list tend to get lost unless someone fixes them
 > immediately.

I get this with 4.0-pre:

 $ ./gcjtest 
Now calling LogHandler.init()
In LogHandler.init()
In LogHandler()
Now calling LogUser.init()
8-Dec-04 5:06:44 PM se.tada.tests.LogUser hello()
INFO: Hello world
In LogHandler.publish()
08 Dec 04 17:06:44 se.tada.tests.LogUser Hello world

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