benchmark result

Tom Tromey
Tue Dec 7 21:38:00 GMT 2004

>>>>> "Mathieu" == Mathieu Lacage <> writes:

Mathieu>  11.77    251.00   251.00                             Jv_CheckCast

We have a plan to remove redundant cast checks, see

Eliminating checks when doing an array store will require more type
machinery in the gcc optimizers.  We've talked about this a few times
but I wouldn't expect anything before GCC 4.1.

Whether this would help with your program depends on how many of
those checks are actually redundant.

Mathieu>   0.75   2039.00    16.00                             _ieee754_pow
Mathieu>   0.33   2056.00     7.00                             _ieee754_sqrt

Interesting to see these here.  I would have thought that at least
sqrt would be turned into an instruction -- that was one hope from
turning Math.sqrt calls into calls to __builtin_sqrt.

It was also interesting to see how low _Jv_InitClass was on the list.
I won't worry as much about that one for a while :-)

Benchmark information like this is very valuable.  I'd like us to find
a way not to lose it.


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