libjava configure error

Bryce McKinlay
Tue Aug 17 15:50:00 GMT 2004

Bryan Smant wrote:

>Thanks for the information. Do you know what is would take to implement
>the threading support for eCos? 

Theres some documentation about porting the threads layer here:

It looks like the information in here is mostly still current. You can 
look at posix-threads{.cc,.h} for an example implementation. If the port 
will be using the boehm-gc, you will need to port it to eCos threads as 
well - basically it needs to know how to stop other threads and find 
their stacks.

>I eventually need to get threads,
>sockets, and the javax.comm API for serial ports working. I know that
>the serial stuff is not included, and I am working on a port for that.
>Are sockets supported for eCos?
Not yet.



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