[cp-patches] Updated: crypto merge patch

Mark Wielaard mark@klomp.org
Fri Aug 13 15:59:00 GMT 2004


CCed the main classpath and gcj mailinglists to make everybody aware of

On Sun, 2004-08-08 at 04:48, Casey Marshall wrote:
> I've updated the patch to import the APIs from GNU Crypto and Jessie,
> which is still here:
>    <http://syzygy.metastatic.org/crypto.patch.gz>
>    <http://syzygy.metastatic.org/crypto.ChangeLog>
> This cleans up a few comments, and adds the javax.security.sasl
> package.
> I don't know when this will go in, nor am I sure that this is
> completely compatible with the changes to the build scripts.

Thanks! Sorry for the long delay. Yes, it can fianlly go in (but see
below). I just wanted to clear everything with FSF legal first. So we
know what the impact is on projects that are based on GNU Classpath. The
situation with respect to U.S Export Regulations when we distribute
crypto code is as follows:

Free Software implementing crypto can in principle be exported from the
U.S. when a certain BIS/ENC notification process is followed. The FSF
has the required notfications on savannah and ftp.gnu.org to cover all
GNU projects (this means GCC is automatically covered). This
notification also covers all mirrors of GNU Classpath (or any project
hosted on savannah/ftp.gnu.org).

Note that it does not automatically cover new projects based on GNU
Classpath that incorporate the new encryption source code when it is
(re)exported from the U.S (like Kaffe). If you want to do that then 
please see the Bureau of Industry and Security (www.bxa.doc.gov) for
more information about current U.S. regulations. In particular you will
have to contact the BIS and the ENC Encryption Request Coordinator:

With that out of the way I want to thanks Casey and the other GNU Crypto
hackers for making this possible in the first place.

About the patch and the ChangeLog. They look fine to me. I only had two

First javax/net/ssl/HandshakeCompletedEvent.java  and
javax/net/ssl/SSLSession.java use javax.security.cert.X509Certificate. I
don't know if we even want to provide the javax.security.cert package
since it is obviously not needed by anyone (or is it?)

Second you need to add the new Makefiles in the resources subdirectories
to the configure.ac file (see below).

With that fixed make distcheck works correctly and the source compiles
with both jikes and gcj. So please check this in.

And maybe we want to add a little NEWS blurb like:

* New javax.crypto, javax.crypto.interfaces, javax.crypto.spec, javax.net,
  javax.net.ssl, javax.security.auth, javax.security.auth.callback,
  javax.security.auth.login, javax.security.auth.x500, javax.security.sasl
  and org.ietf.jgss are now officially part of GNU Classpath.
  Extra crypto algorithms can be obtained from the GNU Crypto project,
  a full TLS implementation is provided by the Jessie project.



Patch for configure.ac:

--- configure.ac        1 Aug 2004 21:31:11 -0000       1.43
+++ configure.ac        13 Aug 2004 15:40:18 -0000
@@ -324,6 +324,9 @@

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