libgcj on small system

Clemens Eisserer
Mon Apr 26 17:55:00 GMT 2004


>libgcj on my host is 73.7MB - in /usr/local/lib.
>Is this the file I must have on my target?
Right, except you link statically. If you use the -static switch all 
needed stuff is included.
Your 73.7mb libgcj seems to include the whole debug-stuff and so on.
If you don't need it for development, try strip -s, a 
statically binary can be shrinked the same way (down to ~2mb).

>What other files must be on the target to run by gcj program?
Simply create a dynamically linked file, and run ldd on this rogram and 
on all shared-libraries that are listed. That should be everything needed.

Good luck, lg Clemens

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