Again - How to create an AWT enables build?

Scott Gilbertson
Thu Apr 22 14:44:00 GMT 2004

I use xlib and compile on RedHat linux.  What follows is a description of
how I build gcc.  If you're using a different host, some configuration
options may be different.  In particular, some think I'm overly brave to
build directly into /usr, so you might want a different prefix.  Also, I
don't remember where most of the options came from, and many may not be

Step 1: If your GCC is in /somedir/gcc, /somedir/gcc/libjava, etc., create

Step 2: In /somedir/obj, do these things (I've inserted newlines between
configure options for clarity - remove them):


localedef -f ISO-8859-1 -i de_DE /var/tmp/de_DE

export LOCPATH=/var/tmp:/usr/lib/locale

make bootstrap

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Clemens Eisserer"
> Hi there!
> Sorry for nerving arround again, I'm too stupid to build GCJ myself the
way I like it.
> I first thought its enought to go into the subdirectory "libjava" and run
./configure --enable-java-awt=xlib, but when I do make in the root-dir it
complains that configure in libjava was already done before and I should do
a make distrclean.
> If I attach --enable-java-awt to the main-configure-script it doesn't do
> So, what should I do to get an awt enabled GCJ-3.4 build?
> Sorry for nerving, good luck and thanks, lg Clemens
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