Compiling SWT+SwingWT

Robin Rawson-Tetley
Tue Apr 20 18:51:00 GMT 2004

> I gave it a try, but the current CVS SwingWT didn't compile for me,
> eg:

Sorry - my bad. I go and make a post then break the CVS. Typical :-)
I've fixed it now (forgot to add a new class to CVS).

> I did look at your script.  One thing is that you will want to use
> `-fjni' when compiling the SWT code.  This option tells gcj that
> native methods are implemented using JNI; in this case gcj will emit
> stub implementations that know how to call the runtime to get JNI
> info.  Without this, gcj will assume CNI and will generate symbolic
> references -- so this could be a cause of the problem you are seeing.

I did try this, and I got:

jc1: error: unrecognized option`-fjini'

Could there be something funky about the GCJ 3.3.3 build in Debian? I'm
just using their packaged up version.

> If that doesn't help, let us know.  Send the actual error output (or
> some big-enough clip from it) so it is easier to investigate more.

I get no errors up until linking the executable at the very end, where I

lib/ undefined reference to
`org::eclipse::swt::internal::gtk::OS::gtk_window_move(int, int, int)
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

It seems to be for every method that should be in swt-pi.jar (I'm
compiling the sources from swt-pi.jar, swt-mozilla.jar and swt.jar together 
into one .so - shouldn't be any problem with this as far as I can see,
the only reason they are separate jars in the first place is for IBMs licensing

> SwingWT is a cool project BTW.

Thanks, and thanks for the help! GCJ is a cooler project :-)


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