[BC ABI] gcj-abi-2-dev-branch created

Tom Tromey tromey@redhat.com
Tue Apr 20 16:49:00 GMT 2004

Bryce> I remain unconvinced ;-). The bridge method which adds a cast check is
Bryce> certainly neccessary in this case, however I have yet to see a case
Bryce> where bridge methods with __covariant return types__ are used in this
Bryce> way.

Sorry, I misread.  Yeah, I agree, in this case we don't need the code
for the bridge methods; the vtable entries can point at the real
method.  Or maybe we don't even need the extra vtable entries, I
haven't thought about that.  In any case we only need the bridge
methods if an argument type changes due to erasure.


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