State of AWT/GTK peers?

Tom Tromey
Thu Apr 15 22:52:00 GMT 2004

>>>>> "Clemens" == Clemens Eisserer <> writes:

Clemens> I've just downloaded SableVM-1.1.3 to test the new classpath
Clemens> release, because to set up GCJ isn't so trivial.

Personally I suspect it isn't so bad, at least for Linux.  Would it
help if we had a script to automate the process?

Working on an unmodified classpath is a plus for SableVM, though,
that's for sure.  We're quite a ways off from being able to do
something like that.

Clemens> Are Classpath's awt peers comparable to gcj awt peer's till gcj's one
Clemens> are written using CNI.

The Gtk peers are written using JNI.  They are mostly developed on the
so-called "gui branch" in the gcc cvs repository.  Graydon merges the
peers, the AWT core, and Swing to the mainline once a month and then
(I think Michael did this last time, apologies all around since I
don't remember) to Classpath.

So, in general I would expect Classpath to lag about a month behind.
However, we're definitely keeping Classpath in the loop and at some
point, when things are complete and fairly bug-free, I would expect
the divergences to be nil.


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