GCJ on mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu

David Daney ddaney@avtrex.com
Thu Apr 15 18:17:00 GMT 2004

Casey Marshall wrote:

>Hi. I'm currently trying to get gcj 3.3.3 up and working on
>mipsel-linux, and have gotten pretty far by patching the 3.3.3 release
>with the diffs listed here:
>But I've caught a few snags. My first question is whether or not there
>are any other patches that I should try incorporating besides those in
>the above URL.

Try the attached patch instead.  It is against 3.3.2, but the changes 
for 3.3.3 should be very similar.  They only work against glibc, I have 
not yet been successful in getting it to work with uClibc.

Also this version of the patch strips out many classes from libgcj that 
I don't need.  If you need those classes, you will have to modify the 
Makefile.am part of the patch.

This version of the patch is essentially a back port of what is 
currently in 3.4.

>The first obvious problem I have is that stack traces aren't pretty;
>they are composed of just addresses and "Unknown Source". I understand
>that libgcj will try to use dladdr to resolve the function names, but
>that dladdr doesn't work on mips (and indeed, if I remove the
>`disable_dladdr' line in configure.host, dladdr (or something called
>by it) hits a SEGV). The `c++filt'/`addr2line' hack doesn't work,
>because addr2line 2.14 can't seem to resolve function names in shared
>libraries (I am pretty much forced to use dynamic linking right now,
>since just about everything I am trying to run needs to load classes

I have stacktraces printing out filenames and line numbers also.   I 
think I just have a recent version of addr2name, and have removed 
addr2name.awk.  The addresses in libgcj and libc don't decode,but those 
in the main executable do, and that can be helpful.

>GNU Awk 3.1.3 seems to really dislike `addr2name.awk'. It fails with
>   sh: -c: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `|'
>   sh: -c: line 1: ` | sort'
>which looks like a newline is being inserted at the end of ARGV[1]:
>   object = ARGV[1];
>   ...
>   while ("nm " object "| sort" | getline) {
>I also see that --enable-interpreter doesn't work. Is this an issue
>with libffi? That's what it looks like from the compilation errors.
libffi has some problems for this port, it is also missing closure 
support which is required by the interpreter.  It is on my list of 
things to fix.  Unfortunatly I have many non-gcc related things on the 
list before fixing libffi.

David Daney.
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