Stallman lamenting that GCJ and ClassPath are still (read: eternally) catching up ...

Cedric Berger
Thu Apr 15 08:01:00 GMT 2004

Tom Tromey wrote:

>>>>>>"Cedric" == Cedric Berger <> writes:
>Cedric> On the other hand, from looking at the beta, 1.5 will only add
>Cedric> few new packages, most improvements will be in the language
>Cedric> itself.
>I think there are also a fair number of library changes.  E.g., my
>understanding is that all the collections classes have been
Yes, but I think it just affects the method signature and maybee some
variable declarations, I don't think the actual implementation of
the methods changes. And the new signatures can easily be grabbed from
the supplied JavaDoc! There is a few new Enum collections in there too,
the usual little additions, but nothing huge.

There is new packages in 1.5, but nothing like the huge increases of
classes found in 1.4, with all the XML, security, ORB, nio, imageio,
printing stuff that went in there.

>  Plus 1.5 implies some runtime changes, and even some
>compiler changes as the bytecode format has changed.

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