Mainline Is Busted for Java

Ranjit Mathew
Wed Apr 7 12:27:00 GMT 2004

Andrew Haley wrote:
>  > Andrew Pinski thinks this is because of Caroline Tice's
>  > recent patch:
> This is weird.  I mean, how come the patch was checked in if the build
> failed.  Anyway, I recommend we give Caroline a little while to fix
> it, if indeed it is caused by her patch.

FWIW, I just successfully bootstrapped (c,c++,java) on
i686-pc-linux-gnu by reverting Caroline's patch:

in my local tree.

So Andrew (Pinski) seems to be correct in his conjecture.


PS: "make new-bootstrap" has been producing a gcj that
fails spectacularly on i686-pc-linux-gnu. What *is* this
make target for?

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