javax.mail, classpath and classpathx

Øyvind Harboe
Mon Oct 27 18:12:00 GMT 2003

> you will also require an implementation of jsse (j2re 1.4, sun's jsse
> implementation, and jessie are known to work) if you want to do starttls
> (option enabled by default, see the provider javadoc).

Ooops. I glossed over jsse.jar.

I have now finally been able to compile my test app, but it fails with
the error message below. I did have to remove all the ftp classes from
inetlib.jar as they didn't compile.

My compilation script:

@echo off
\thisiscool-gcc\gcc-3.4\bin\gcj -c -o javax-security.o
\thisiscool-gcc\gcc-3.4\bin\gcj -c --classpath
jsse.jar;javax-security.jar -o inetlib.o inetlib.jar 
\thisiscool-gcc\gcc-3.4\bin\gcj -c --classpath
inetlib.jar;activation.jar -o gnumail.o gnumail.jar
\thisiscool-gcc\gcc-3.4\bin\gcj -c -o activation.o activation.jar
\thisiscool-gcc\gcc-3.4\bin\gcj -c --classpath gnumail.jar;inetlib.jar
-o smtp.o smtp.jar
\thisiscool-gcc\gcc-3.4\bin\gcj --classpath gnumail.jar -c -o send.o
\thisiscool-gcc\gcc-3.4\bin\gcj -c -o jsse.o jsse.jar
\thisiscool-gcc\gcc-3.4\bin\gcj --main=Send -o send activation.o
gnumail.o inetlib.o javax-security.o send.o smtp.o jsse.o

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
   at __ZN4Send4mainEP6JArrayIPN4java4lang6StringEE
   at _main (c:\temp\ccsBaaaa.i)
Caused by: java.util.MissingResourceException: Bundle n
ot found
   at __ZN5javax4mail8internet14MailDateFormatC1Ev
   at __ZN5javax4mail8internet11MimeMessage18__U3c_clinit__U3e_Ev
   at __ZN4Send4mainEP6JArrayIPN4java4lang6StringEE
   ...1 more

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