linux audio software using gcj&swt!

Anthony Green
Thu Oct 23 14:01:00 GMT 2003

On Thu, 2003-10-23 at 05:05, Norbert Frese wrote:
> Display is inside swt.jar and not libgcj. It tries to load the native part of swt 
>, which is ok. So this is not a libgcj problem (except that the mistake
> of trying to load a shared library is not reported properly).

My solution was to hack SWT to _not_ load the native library (just look
for the System.loadLibrary call), and link the native libs into the
static executable with the following:


libgcj, and all the the SWT/JFace libs were also linked statically, but
we used dynamic versions of glibc and all of the gtk+ libs.  


Anthony Green <>
Red Hat, Inc.

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