Cross-class inlining

Andrew Haley
Thu Oct 23 11:02:00 GMT 2003

Robin Garner writes:
 > >  > Still, the "all in 1" approach gets a 49% speedup over just -O3 on
 > >  > individual modules, and 17% better than I could do by hand.
 > > 
 > > Cool.
 > > 
 > Actually that was a bit premature - must have been tired.  What I was seeing was a 17% improvement over the hand-inlined source.  Compiling the unoptimized source all on the one command line actually only gets a 12% improvement.
 > So: next question - is there any way to manually direct the inlining ?  I've tried playing with various values of -finline-limit, but can't get better than this.

Well, I can't see what's being inlined.  Can you see any code that you
think should be inlined but isn't?

It might be that we have a bug, and the linliner isn't working.


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