Anyone else sees a bootstrap failure (Linux-x86)?

Ranjit Mathew
Tue Oct 21 13:11:00 GMT 2003

>  > On Solaris 8, I did see an improvement with "-pipe",
>  > but it was always a ~5% improvement.
>This is surprising.  You don't say what filesystem you were using.

It's UFS without journalling, AFAICT.

But I still don't fully comprehend why "-pipe" cannot
be faster - at some point in time, the OS's filesystem
buffers will get full and will have to be flushed out to
the disc, incurring I/O penalties, during "normal"

If the compiler outputs assembly code in one
large burst (or a few large bursts) and the assembler
reads its input in one large burst (or a few large
bursts), the interlocking effect in "-pipe" that you
talked about wouldn't be so pronounced.

It's not very black and white to me still.

I apologise if I seem particularly dense.


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