compatibility problem.

Rutger Ovidius
Sat Oct 18 15:05:00 GMT 2003

Thanks, I have just tried on Linux and it does work.

Can someone on windows try it? Is there a single person in charge of libgcj on 
windows? Or a hint on how I can circumvent this problem?

From: Michael Koch <konqueror at gmx dot de>

> With normal (Sun) java, a File("") object will return a canonicalPath of the
> current directory.
> With gcj java, this returns a " GetFullPathName failed"

> Is this normal?  It is causing compatibility problems when compiling 
> apps (and probably others..)
> Tested on Windows with gcj 3.3.1, and gcj version 3.4 20031006 

This works on linux (2.4.21). Seems to be a Windows specific problem.

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