Invoke shared gcj binary from JVM?

Daniel Naab
Fri Oct 10 18:48:00 GMT 2003

As a GCJ newbie, I'm hoping someone can clue me in to a few things.

I'm responsible for a Java client-side application which we currently
distribute with the Sun JRE (1.4.1).  For various reasons (primarily
performance) we're pursuing gcj compilation of memory/cpu intensive portions
of the application and, at least for now, keeping our Swing UI intact.

First question: is this possible?  The only solution I can conceive is to
compile to static binaries and manually create JNI wrappers over the DLLs.
This is cumbersome because the first target for native compilation is the
database layer (HSQLDB), which has a large interface to wrap.  Are there
code generators to automate this process?

Secondly, should I even expect performance gains using a dual Sun/gcj
environment?  Empirically, we've realized noticeable changes compiling with
JET on Windows, but JET isn't a cross-platform solution.

Any comments would be appreciated.


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