libtool linking libgcj

Andrew Haley
Thu Oct 9 15:05:00 GMT 2003

Nicholas Wourms writes:
 > But to return to the kde example...  They have also come up with another 
 > interesting way to reduce the number of object files at link time:  they 
 >   combine all the source files in a subdir into a single source file 
 > using "#include <>" directives and building it as a single 
 > object.  This may not be good for debugging or even work at all for 
 > libjava, but if it could work, it would definitely cut down on the 
 > number of object files libtool needs to process, which in turn, would 
 > cut down on the length of time required to do the final link.

We can do this with libjava.  gcj can do

   gcj -o foo.o

We could do this with all of gcj, but the memory requirements of the
compiler are fearsome.


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