installation and compile problem

Ray Auge
Thu Oct 9 13:41:00 GMT 2003

Hello all,

I downloaded the 3.3.1 gcc tarball, 

- since I'm on ppc, I set "can_unwind_signal=no" for powerpc*-linux* 
- default install dir is /usr/local
- configured it via the install notes ( ../gcc-3.3.1/configure
	--program-suffix=-3.3.1 ),
- build it ( make bootstrap ), 
- tested it ( make -k check ),
- installed it ( su -c "make install" ),

As a test, I tired a few simple classes (no imports), worked fine.
I then tried to compile one of the Xerces sample xml parsers ( ) which actually only imports org.xml.sax classes
(does not use any Xerces classes)...

This is what I get:

>/usr/local/bin/gcj-3.3.1 -fPIC -fjni -g -O -o DocumentTracer
/tmp/ccVDxVEA.o(.text+0x54): In function
/home/com_/Development/test-code/xerces-samples/samples/sax/ undefined reference to `org::xml::sax::helpers::DefaultHandler::DefaultHandler[in-charge]()'
/tmp/ccVDxVEA.o(.text+0x3870): In function
/home/com_/Development/test-code/xerces-samples/samples/sax/ undefined reference to `org::xml::sax::helpers::XMLReaderFactory::createXMLReader(java::lang::String*)'
/tmp/ccVDxVEA.o(.text+0x388c):/home/com_/Development/test-code/xerces-samples/samples/sax/ undefined reference to `org::xml::sax::helpers::ParserFactory::makeParser(java::lan

Note that I had previously working with the prior version of
gcj, the one that came standard with the YellowDog 3.0 distro installed
at /usr/bin/gcj. It all worked fine, but I wanted the more recent xml
support so tired to move to

Can someone just point me in the right direction...

Ray Auge

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