add iRATE to done with gcj

Tue Oct 7 06:34:00 GMT 2003

A while back I sent the email below, but it seems to have slipped 
through the cracks.  Would someone please  add iRATE to the "Done with 
gcj" page?
I remember somebody mentioning that they wanted a made-with-gcj promo 
app. Well as of now irate is probably the most widely used gcj-compiled 
We have several thousand users and many of them use irate daily.
Thanks to Mohan, even the not-quite-there gcj for win32 is used and 
works great for most people.

As an aside, we currently could use some help either with iRATE 
development or with the projects that iRATE depends on such as and really gcj-related).


Taras wrote:

> Hi,
> We just released iRATE radio 0.2. It features an SWT GUI and is is 
> compiled with gcj for windows/linux.
> Here is a patch to "Done with gcj" page.
> It basicly adds
> "iRATE radio is a collaborative filtering client/server mp3 
> player/downloader. The iRATE server has a large database of music. You 
> rate the tracks and it uses your ratings and other peoples to guess 
> what you'll like. The tracks are downloaded from websites which allow 
> free and legal downloads of their music."
> and a link to the iRATE homepage at
> We'd be honoured to be mentioned by the gcj website :)
> Earlier someone was talking about a showcase gcj/swt application and I 
> fully belive that iRATE is a good candiate.
> Taras

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