Eclipse vs gij/libgcj, unit-at-a-time, -O2 and -O

Tom Tromey
Sat Nov 29 21:11:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Sturm <> writes:

Jeff> So the eclipse code calls the single-argument Class.forName(),
Jeff> which walks the stack frame to find a loader and fails,
Jeff> presumably because _Jv_StartOfInterpreter and
Jeff> _Jv_EndOfInterpreter no longer surround the
Jeff> _Jv_InterpMethod::run method in generated code.

This is a bogus approach and we knew it, we just were hoping to get
away with it.

I think a better approach is to register the ffi closure stubs
instead.  Those are unique per method and they'll let us get rid of
the linear search of interpreted stack frames.

I know Bryce was doing some work in this area recently, but I don't
know the status of it.


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