Compilation from JAR files, and "getResourceFromStream()"

Steve D. Perkins
Tue Nov 25 04:27:00 GMT 2003

Hello all -

    I'm trying to decide if I imagined this in a fit of wishful 
thinking, or if these discussions did in fact take place.  I am 
interested in access properties files (or any other external resource) 
using the typical "getResourceAsStream()" or 
"getSystemResourceAsStream()" methods.  Specifically, I am interested in 
bundling these resources inside the executable at build-time with GCJ... 
so that the deliverable is a static standalone executable.

    I have found, and had sucess with, the available documentation for 
explicitly referencing resource files at compile-time.  HOWEVER, I could 
swear that I've heard discussion in the recent past about plans for 
future versions of GCJ to offer much greater ease-of-use.  That is, when 
you compile a native executable from a JAR file containing properties 
files and other resources... those resources will be automatically 
pulled into the executable, and can then be accessed via 
"getResourceAsStream()" etc transparently without extra work.

    I suppose my question is three-fold:

(1) Is this already available with GCJ, and I'm simply unaware of 
certain steps needed to make use of it?  If it matters, I'm primarily 
using the MinGW port of GCJ on Win32... which tends to lag a version or 
two behind other platforms (I'm currently using 3.3.1).

(2) Is this in fact a planned addition to GCJ in the future?  If so, is 
there a version number when it's expected to be included?

(3) Am I completely dreaming all of this?  If so, wouldn't that be a 
very cool feature request?  :)

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