PR 10920 GC reports "too many roots"

Boehm, Hans
Mon Nov 24 20:14:00 GMT 2003

The error indicates that the collectors table of places to look for pointer
variables overflowed.  This has nothing to do with heap size; it means
you have lots of dynamic libraries, or you're trying to explicitly register
root segments, or the win32 root finding code has gone haywire and is finding
lots of small writable memory segments, or something along those lines.

The table size is MAX_ROOT_SETS.  GC_dump() should print what's currently
in the table.  It would be good to understand why it's overflowing.  But simply
increasing MAX_ROOT_SETS is likely to improve matters.


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> Subject: PR 10920 GC reports "too many roots"
> With Mohans latest build, I've been able to take PR 10920 for a spin
> again.
> It still happens.
> I've tried to track down GC problems in the past, and without 
> guidance,
> its pretty hard to make progress.
> Øyvind

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