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Thu Nov 20 18:46:00 GMT 2003

I have already implemented basic AWT/Java2D support for the new version 
of SwingWT. It offers an implementation of the AWT/Swing APIs that drive 
SWT applications instead - and it works very nicely with gcj/gij.

Get it from:



On Thu, Nov 20, 2003 at 01:15:09PM -0500, Stanley Brown wrote:
> I took this from the Eclipse site SWT project page:
> -----
> Another exciting aspect of SWT is that it is also being used as part of 
> the underlying implementation for several embedded systems efforts 
> because of its small size and focus on efficiency. The most notable of 
> these, currently at least, is in the AWT implementation provided as part 
> of the VisualAge/MicroEdition class libraries, where SWT effectively 
> becomes the peer layer for AWT. Further effort is ongoing to improve 
> SWT's utility in this area.
> -----
> Just a thought, but if GCJ used SWT it could solve the lack of AWT if it 
> took a similiar approach.

Robin Rawson-Tetley

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