Can I convert Java codes to C++ codes via your gcc/gcj software?

Adam Megacz
Wed Nov 19 06:49:00 GMT 2003

What you want is the inverse of gcj.  We had the same need and found
that no existing tools meet it, so we wrote this:

The compiler is working now; it shows a 9x performance increase over
the interpreter on our sample test (IJG jpeg decompressor).  We're
submitting the paper to IMVE'04 (subconference of PLDI).

  - a

Ranjit Mathew <> writes:
> xueheng wrote:
> > Hi, gcc/gcj team,
> > 
> > I have a small project written by Java language, can I use translate it
> > into the C++ codes via your gcc/gcj software? if yes, can you let me 
> > know how to do?
> No.
> It can only be compiled into native executable code
> or to JVM bytecodes.
> Ranjit.
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