GCC 3.4 regression reproduceable under Linux PR 12548

Andrew Haley aph@redhat.com
Sat Nov 15 09:35:00 GMT 2003

Oyvind Harboe writes:
 > This email is perhaps a bit superfluous since the bug is marked as
 > critical, but this compilation error is in the way of a half a dozen
 > other tests that I'd like to run against GCC 3.4.
 > I verified that the problem is reproduceable under Linux using a
 > Linux->Windows cross compiler.
 > http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=12548

This one is marked as 3.4 blocker, but no-one seems to be working on
it.  If it's to stay that way, someone has to work on it.  As far as I
can see this problem is only revealed unfree OSs, so It won't get any
attention from anyone who does not use unfree software.  Does anyone
intend to work on this?


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