libgcj problems on panther

Tom Tromey
Tue Nov 11 20:49:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Tobler <> writes:

Andreas> since a few days panther (OS-X 10.3) is out and gives us some nice
Andreas> improvements regarding build speed. Unfortunately we also have a
Andreas> serious problem to run the testsuite in libgcj. It is not only
Andreas> testsuite related.

Andreas> Andrew Pinski found out, if we remove the
Andreas> gnu/gcj/convert/Output_ASCII.class from the buildtree, the app runs
Andreas> with and with out CLASSPATH set. It also runs in the builddir.

Ok, Panther doesn't have a shared libgcj, so Output_ASCII isn't
linked in.  So libgcj tries to load the .class file...

Andreas> 262         next = *n;
Andreas>          n = (_Jv_MethodChain **) 0x38
Andreas>          thread = (struct Thread *) 0x0

This is the immediate cause of the crash.  `n' is garbage and
`thread' is null.

I think this happens because we're running this code before the first
thread has been started, so there isn't a valid method chain.

We aren't really set up to be doing this sort of thing.  You could try
working around this crash somehow, but there's no guarantee that you
won't run into another one afterward...


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