Bryce McKinlay
Mon Nov 10 19:04:00 GMT 2003

On Nov 11, 2003, at 6:03 AM, Tom Tromey wrote:

>>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Haley <> writes:
> Andrew> Uh yes, but the really interesting thing is what happens after 
> this.
> Andrew> Does it abort, or what?
> Yes, it aborts.
> Now I'm getting aborts from any old java program.
> Does this ring a bell for anybody?
> This is the result of just running "gij".
> This is with a completely fresh build as of last night.  Nothing on
> my machine has changed, it must be some new gcc bug.

Yes, I saw this one recently. I thought it was because of my 2.6 kernel.

It will go away if you do:

export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.17
or, upgrade your glibc

But obviously if it is happening with a stock 2.4 kernel & RHL glibc 
then this is a gcc bug.


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