Eclipse vs gij/libgcj, unit-at-a-time, -O2 and -O

Tom Tromey
Sun Nov 9 21:22:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Wielaard <> writes:

Mark> The JDT in 3.0 checks this to see if it have a "Standard VM".
Mark> [ ... ]

Thanks for the info.  I haven't started looking at 3.0 yet; it's nice
to get some feedback so we know what we'll need to do...

Tom> Please try it.  If you find a problem, let me know.  I definitely want
Tom> this working for 3.4.

Mark> I did try to enable it, but then it first wouldn't compile with -O.
Mark> (You have compile explicitly with -O2.)

I've heard there have been some problems compiling this code on the
trunk lately.

Mark> But then Eclipse wouldn't startup at all (again the first
Mark> Method.invoke call that is used in the startup.jar to bootstrap
Mark> eclipse itself).

Hmm, ok.  Is there a backtrace?  Is it really the verifier failing?
If so, I'd like to know soon, so I can get a fix in 3.4... just send
me the info, or file a PR if you prefer.


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