New MingW 3.4 Build

Mohan Embar
Sun Nov 9 19:38:00 GMT 2003

Hi People,

I've put out a new MinGW 3.4 build:

Thanks to recent GCC fixes, I am no longer
building with -fno-unit-at-a-time.

I've completely redone the build scripts for the examples.
All individual batch files and build scripts have been eliminated in
favor of a global top-level Makefile that can build and run all examples.
This needs to be run in a BASH-like environment with GNU make.

On Windows, you can get MSYS from
You need v1.0.10 or greater. This will probably work under Cygwin
if you muck around with the paths.

I've successfully used this Makefile for native Linux and native
Windows builds as well as a (Linux,Windows) crossed build. To build
the samples, first source the appropriate env-*.sh file. You'll probably
need to adjust the paths in these scripts for your environment first.


-- Mohan

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