Reminder: Illegal Package-Private Accesses in libgcj

Andrew Haley
Mon Nov 3 11:27:00 GMT 2003

Bryce McKinlay writes:
 > If there are targets that will never support the unwinder (are
 > there?), then it might make sense to allow platforms to define some
 > platform-specific unwinding functions, but ideally, by far the
 > cleanest and most efficient solution is to get the libgcc DWARF2
 > unwinder working.

Efficient?  I don't think so.  The glibc backtrace() function simply
walks a linked list, and there's no more efficient way to do it than
that.  The DWARF unwinder is a couple of orders of magnitude slower.

However, you could argue that a) the unwinder works with
omit-frame-pointer which makes for faster code and b) unwinding isn't
the most time consuming part of the process in any case, so it's not
worth worrying about.


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