Creating a native java application using swt and Linux

Per Bothner
Sat May 31 12:29:00 GMT 2003

Eric Harlow wrote:
> I'm compiling swt using gcj - some modules with -fjni
> and  some not depending on if they have native calls. 

It would probably be better to compile all of swt with -fjni.
Otherwise, you might miss a class that calls a non-native
method that gets inline - and calls a native.  For example.

> I've gotten swt to compile and turn into a library. 
> What I'm getting when I link in "HelloWorld" is
> ./ undefined reference to
> `org::eclipse::swt::internal::gtk::OS::gtk_scale_set_draw_value(int,
> bool)'

It's looking for a CNI method, so *somwthing* that should have been
compiled with -fjni wasn't.
	--Per Bothner

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