Unicode and Win32

fernando@lozano.eti.br fernando@lozano.eti.br
Thu May 29 19:38:00 GMT 2003


> two posts from yesterday made me re-think the way the patch (submitted 
> for review yesterday) should develop. Many thanks to Jeff and Fernando!
> If the Win32 wide-character (Unicode)follows the same convention of the 
> Java Unicode character, it would be nonsense to use a conversion at 
> all... (yes... I know I have resisted to this idea yesterday... I was 
> falling assleep)

You're right, unicode is unicode. But beware UTF-8 and UTF-16 :-)

> Since I cannot access the registry in libjava (because of the 
> configuration of the compiler), does anyone knows how can I get OS 
> version information (to distinguish bettween win9x and NT/2000/XP)?
> There should be an w32API function to do that...

What about System.getProperty("os.name") and "os.version" ? Aren't they
reliable? If not, they should be fixed and used on your code.

[]s, Fernando Lozano

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