compiling jdbc drivers

Erik Poupaert
Thu May 29 08:13:00 GMT 2003

> I don't see why not, if it is distributed under a suitably free
> license

com.jdbc.mysql is distributed under the GPL. Therefore, derivatives will
always be distributed under the ...

>>>> and provided someone offers to contribute/maintain it. 

RHUG is makefile based. 

I don't know makefiles. I know the make tool is a tradition, but to tell
you the truth, it didn't work for me. No fun. While all of this is more
or less my hobby.

So, I used to build native java with Ant; but after
numerous months of cursing the fact that the Ant tool is attuned to
bytecode building and not to native building, I wrote my own tool to
build native GCJ source trees. It generates bash-based building
instructions and figures out if target files are older/newer than source

I enclose the generated, full-build, bash-based building instructions to
compile connector/J natively.

So, I'll maintain it, but not in makefile format, since I don't have it
in the first place (someone else's hobby).
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