Is gij/libffi supported on ARM?

Anthony Green
Tue May 27 19:50:00 GMT 2003

On Tue, 2003-05-27 at 08:14, Craig A. Vanderborgh wrote:
> I am running into trouble with the libgcj build in, where the
> compile is looking for libffi features called "FFI_CLOSURES".  I have
> dug into libffi, and found that there seem to be no "ffi closures" for
> this target.

That's right.

> Does this mean that I would have to provide my own "ffi closures", or
> can the interpreter aspect of libjava be built with what is provided for
> ARM in libffi?  Please advise.

The interpreter requires libffi closure support.  It provides the
mechanism for calling interpreted code from native code.  Many of the
other ports already support closures, so you should be able to see what
kind of work is required.

You can also disable the interpreter for your target in
libjava/  Just look at the other ARM and XScale target



Anthony Green <>
Red Hat, Inc.

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