Mohan Build 22.5.03

Ranjit Mathew
Sun May 25 02:19:00 GMT 2003

> > > 2.) gcj fails to list files on other hard disk partitions than C:
> > ...
> > >             File f = new File("d:");
> >
> > Some bugs have been fixed in the Win32 file handing, no doubt others
> > remain.
> >
> > You could try the POSIX path notation, e.g. "//D/".  It just might work,
> > at least on NT/2000/XP.
> But actually this one does not. What strikes me is that the stuff works if I
> try to get the files from a cd or something but _not_ for hard disk
> partitions else than C:

This is weird. It works for me perfectly well. My "D:" is a hard
disc partition and this program displays whatever is in the current
working directory of "D:". (Ditto for other drives whether on
CD or hard disc.)

Are you *sure* you're using Mohan's latest snapshot? Why aren't
stack traces coming out properly in your case? Something's wrong...


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