More information on JNI Win32 heap corruption

Ranjit Mathew
Fri May 23 10:43:00 GMT 2003

> I reported a heap corruption issue w/Suns javax.comm serial
> port stuff, but I gather that I have a better chance of getting
> response if I have a testcase that can be run under Linux.

I must mention that I'm able to consistently reproduce
your problem via the attachment on the bug report. However,
it's beyond my current set of skills to figure out the
cause of the problem, beyond vaguely suggesting that the
GC is getting hosed. :-(

> However, this might be a GCJ JNI Win32 issue, and not just a 
> buggy .dll from Sun.

It doesn't look like a JNI issue per se to me...

> How to best proceed?
> Suggestions?

See if you get these problems under Linux as well...

If it bugs you that much, see if you can poke around
the GC sources to figure out the cause of this

Sorry for being vague and unhelpful on this, but this
is the best I can tell you at the moment. :-(


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