c vs. java vs. gcj performance

Miguel mth@mth.com
Thu May 22 09:55:00 GMT 2003

I don't yet have much experience with gcc tools.
What tool (& command line) do I use to view compiled object code
generated by gcc and gcj?

I wrote a small benchmark routine to simulate the core of a 3D graphics
engine with a zbuffer. It is nothing but integer comparisons and array

I wrote it in java and c. The c code (compiled with gcc) is 8 times
faster than the java code (under Sun jvm 1.4.1_02).

I also compiled the java code with gcj. The java code with gcj is approx
10% slower than the Sun hot-spot jvm. If I compile with -fno-bounds-check
then it speeds up a little and performance is on-par with the Sun jvm.

I don't yet have much experience with the gcc tools ... but I'm an
old-timer who is fluent with assembly language.

What tool do I use to dump the machine code so that I can compare the code
generated by gcc/.c with gcj/.java ?

I'll report any findings.


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