Small example of livelock regression in garbage collector for GCJ 3.3 under Win32

Andrew Haley
Wed May 21 12:00:00 GMT 2003

Ranjit Mathew writes:
 > >>You need -fuse-divide-subroutine and -fcheck-references.  Ranjit ahd a
 > >>look at using Windows' structured exception handling to cope with
 > >>these problems, but I don't think that it's done yet.
 > Andrew, if I understand this correctly, you are suggesting that
 > we use these options for the time being till such a time
 > that we can fix the SEH stuff.
 > These will make things a bit slower, but keep it correct:
 > Right?

Indeed.  It looks to me like mingw picks up the configure options from
i686-*.  We need to make this a little more finely grained with a
separate entry for Linux and mingw.

 > Mohan, perhaps you can rebuild your GCJ with the
 > flags Andrew suggests for the time being so that we
 > can avoid this nasty situation. (BTW, your snapshot
 > shows a version number of "3.3.1 prerelease" instead
 > of "3.3", probably because you did a CVS checkout from
 > the 3.3 branch instead of building from the 3.3
 > tarballs.)

Please also submit a patch for that does the right thing.


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