Old Java PRs

Jeff Sturm jsturm@one-point.com
Mon May 12 16:46:00 GMT 2003

On Sun, 11 May 2003, Dara Hazeghi wrote:
> Java/1111	Order matters for inline candidates

Unless I misunderstand this PR, it is fixed by the new inliner (except for
the bytecode frontend, which still does not emit whole functions as

> Java/1348	Overloaded method resolution should not cross contexts

I couldn't reproduce this one.  Gcj reports the error:

Overload.java: In class `Overload$A':
Overload.java: In method `Overload$A.a()':
Overload.java:11: error: Can't find method `p(Ljava/lang/String;)' in type
1 error

> Java/1357	no result execution with W98 and last Cygwin tools

This is tested against an ancient binary of libgcj.a.  The URL in the PR
gives a 404 error.  With no means to reproduce the failure, I'd guess the
PR should be closed.

> Also, if somebody could take a peek at these, it looks like they may be
> closable:
> Java/1378	Only one result with Helloworld program under cygwin and W98

This was a problem with console handles on win32.  I believe Adam Megacz
fixed it long ago (starting with the patch mentioned in the PR).

> Java/1455	gcjh barfs on legal java name usage

I still see this error with 3.3.  (If it was fixed on BIB as the comments
suggest, it'd be nice to know why the fix didn't make it to mainline.)

> Java/3695	Verification error building OpenORB-1.1.0

Another broken link, as the comment says.  Probably should be closed.

The other PR's you listed seem to be valid.  I was either able to
reproduce the failure, or verify that the feature request isn't

Thanks for looking at these.


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