Mohan (this-is-cool) 's snapshot gcc33-20030409

erik poupaert
Mon May 12 15:39:00 GMT 2003

Great! fastjar works fine and reliably. I am not aware of any problems
with it, be it on mingw32 or on linux.

I've got another (minor) issue with mingw32. The following works fine on

String cmdExec[]={"sh",getScript2FilePath()};
Process process=Runtime.getRuntime().exec(cmdExec);

On mingw32, with MSYS-1.0.9-2003.02.17-1.exe bash core dumps and exits.
It's simply dead stuck in the water.

With the latest release candidate, MSYS-1.0.9-2003.04.08 the script gets
executed, but bash creates stacktrace dump files (sh.exe.stackdump) as
if there were no tomorrow!

Maybe someone knows a workaround? Thanks.

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